Carlo L Grimelli Born and raised in Chicago @6 yrs old made his first recording @ Hoffman Studios in Chicago playing the accordion. He started playing the guitar at 11 yrs of age and was in his first band at 13 , The Guill-o-Teens were around for about 7 yrs . Carlo moved on and landed with the rock band Together they did very well toured the midwest and landed a studio agreement with The Chicago Sound Factory Studio  //  Ferris Wheel Records  they did 1 album and 3 records , after 7 yrs the band was done ,Carlo bounced to a no of different bands and then started writing it became his passion. Carlo has written over 200 song and is still at work .   Education  Queen of Angels    Gordon Tech H.S  Wright College ,Chicago Tech, Kirkwood College IA Business Carlo has 5 cds out  3 are on CD Baby.  CarloAcousticman  is currently working a new projects

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